How can we eliminate extreme poverty? Public Event 21st October 2015

The first of the new Sustainable Development Goals establishes an ambitious agenda – ‘to end poverty in all its forms everywhere’, by 2030. The World Bank has adopted the ambition of ending extreme poverty as one of its twin goals – and President Jim Kim recently announced a strategy based on promoting pro-poor growth, investments in human capital and insuring people through social safety nets and improved resilience to disaster and disease. The goal is phrased in lofty terms but brings to the fore several immensely practical questions:

What will ending extreme poverty mean at a national level?  How many poor people are there in the world at present? What data gaps impede our understanding of poverty and of policy?

To discuss these issues we are organising a day-long event with three expert panels. 

Have a look at the Agenda and join us at the event by registering here