Who is sitting at the table and what is on the menu? The G20 Summit in Antalya and opportunities to use the SDGs to make the world a safer place for all

Pro-poor(est) economic growth would require a more incisive international cooperation on economic and financial issues, for instance through investment in critical infrastructure for the poor and more stringent regulation on decent employment. The G20 could make a difference providing a platform for countries to discuss coordinated solutions to these problems.

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Share the burden! Why unpaid domestic and care work should be top of the agenda

In 2014 the OECD Development Centre produced a policy brief arguing that throughout the world women spend between two and ten times as much time on unpaid care work as men; and that this gender inequality is the missing link in explaining gender gaps in levels of employment, wages and job quality. For the poorest women in the poorest countries this gender inequality is magnified as the burden of unpaid domestic and care work is relatively greater, and especially so if we include within it domestic food production. We need to put unpaid care and domestic work firmly on the agenda whenever we talk about the economic empowerment of women. And then we need to find ways to value, support it, and share it out. 

Photograph: Panos Pictures

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