The Poverty Eradication Preparedness Index (PEPPI) - Let's leave no one behind!

CPAN is currently working on evaluating the key set of policies in the 31 countries with more than 5 million extremely poor people in 2011, that have the potential to get equitable progress underway during the first 5 years. The goal is to contribute to national and international discussions regarding priority actions and practical first steps to ensure that no one gets excluded from the progress toward zero poverty.

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Leaving no adolescent behind requires policy coherence

Poverty exacerbates the risk of exclusion of adolescents through stigma, poor access to services and lack of social networks. By promoting societies in which no adolescent is left behind and moreover in which adolescents are allowed to thrive, we can help prevent the transmission of poverty to the next generation of children. 

Photo Credit: Ricci CoughlanDFID

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