IWD 2017 CPAN Blog series: #2 - The poorest women have a right to earn and spend their own money too!

IWD 2017 CPAN Blog series: #2 - Why do we think women’s economic empowerment matters so much? Without it, many women cannot demand the right to go out to work, run their own business, own land or other assets or control the money that they earn. Without being able to do these things, getting out of poverty is difficult, and their children may also not get the good start in life they need to escape poverty.

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Making poverty reduction a priority in fragile areas

Fragility undermines efforts geared towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many international organisations and national governments recognise this today and are attempting to reduce fragility within their borders. The majority of the research has focused on peace building and governance, however, extreme poverty in fragile areas should also be a concern for policy makers.

Photo Credit: Oxfam International

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Getting to zero poverty by 2030 - an Infographic by CPAN

This infographic CPAN  aims to give an overall picture of the complexity and the dynamics that can trap people in a situation of chronic poverty, and to suggest the cross-cutting policy areas that need to be taken into account when aiming at tackling chronic poverty, stop impoverishment, build sustained escape from poverty. 

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