To eradicate extreme poverty, massive global investment is required in social assistance, education and pro-poorest economic growth
— Chronic Poverty Report 2014-15: The road to zero extreme poverty

Poverty Dynamics: What is a 'transitory poverty escape'?

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Andrew Shepherd, Vidya Diwakar and Lucy Scott discussing the surprising findings and main takeaways of  CPAN's work on 'Investigating The Dynamics and Drivers of Transitory Poverty Escapes(1st September 2016, Washington DC). 

What is chronic poverty?

Chronic poverty is the long and grinding poverty that people live in for many years, and for some people, for their whole lives. Chronically poor people need to be at the centre of poverty reduction policies if we are going to achieve the goal of eradicating extreme poverty for good.

Watch the interview below on extreme and persistent poverty.

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Call for Papers: Immiserizing Growth


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Infographics on poverty dynamics

By performing life history interviews, we can illustrate poverty trajectories and understand better the drivers and dynamics behind poverty escapes. Click here to find out more. 

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