Webinar: Health, Resilience and Sustainable Poverty Escapes

How can vulnerable households sustain an escape from poverty, weathering the ongoing and multiple shocks and stresses that they will face over their lifetimes? From a mixed-method country case studies analysis, CPAN has contributed to expand the understanding of the drivers of sustained poverty escapes across contexts. In this webinar CPAN presented the research key findings and especially how health matters when it comes to poverty escapes. This included a better understanding of health shocks and health as resilience capacity that protects individuals, households, and communities when poverty escapes are the primary outcome.

Photo Credit: East Africa Fisherman in SouthKivu/Oxfam

The webinar has been jointly organised by Agrilinks and Marketlinks with the support of the USAID Center for Resilience .

Poverty Dynamics: What is a 'transitory poverty escape'?

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CPAN's 10 Key messages to eradicate chronic and extreme poverty

What is chronic poverty?

Chronic poverty is the long and grinding poverty that people live in for many years, and for some people, for their whole lives. Chronically poor people need to be at the centre of poverty reduction policies if we are going to achieve the goal of eradicating extreme poverty for good.