Improving local governance and service delivery : Shouting at the system won’t make it work!

This event explores the latest debates, evidence and practice on social accountability, civil society advocacy and local government service delivery.  It considers how current policy and assumptions could be revised to more effectively address critical blockages in public service delivery.

Photo PANITA/ Save the Children Tanzania

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IWD 2017 CPAN Blog series: #2 - The poorest women have a right to earn and spend their own money too!

IWD 2017 CPAN Blog series: #2 - Why do we think women’s economic empowerment matters so much? Without it, many women cannot demand the right to go out to work, run their own business, own land or other assets or control the money that they earn. Without being able to do these things, getting out of poverty is difficult, and their children may also not get the good start in life they need to escape poverty.

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