CPAN at the UNDESA Expert Group Meeting "Strengthening Social Development in the Contemporary World", 19-20 May 2015

On 19 and 20 May, Andrew Shepherd, participated in the Expert Group Meeting at UNDESA, in New York at United Nations Headquarters. The aim of the meeting was to provide concrete, evidence-based recommendations for promoting and strengthening social development and for improving the formulation and implementation of policy frameworks that affect social progress.

The meeting was particularly important, as its outcomes will contribute to the work of the 54th session of the Commission for Social Development. Andrew Shepherd presented the paper Reducing vulnerability and building resilience – what does it entail? In this paper, Andrew recalled the importance of two critical areas of policy to build resilience among the poorest people: (1) addressing the identity based intersecting inequalities that keep people poor; and (2) bringing policy to bear on the informal sector in employment, private sector development and financial services.

The UNDESA Expert Group Meeting has recently opened a website making available papers and presentations.