GSDRC webinar: Wellbeing and extreme & persistent poverty - Thursday 3 March

Next Thursday 3 March 2016, at 15.30 GMT, Professor Sarah White (University of Bath) and Andrew Shepherd (Chronic Poverty Advisory Network) will hold a webinar on "Wellbeing and extreme & persistent poverty".  This webinar will further explore key issues and debates raised in the GSDRC reading packs on wellbeing and extreme and persistent poverty

The webinar's discussion is expected to address such questions as:

  • In what ways do wellbeing and extreme and persistent poverty relate?
  • Does a wellbeing approach imply, or must it be complemented by, a commitment to social justice, human rights and environmental protection and promotion?
  • How can a wellbeing approach improve policy implementation and/or programme delivery?
  • What is the evidence on effective interventions that address extreme and persistent poverty?

The webinar is primarily aimed at DFID advisers, but will also be of interest and use to development practitioners and policymakers more widely. It will provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions, reflect on the reading packs and share their own learning from working on wellbeing and/or extreme poverty.

For more information and registration please see GSDRC website

This video accompanies the GSDRC Professional Development Reading pack on Extreme and Persistent Poverty.  Extreme and persistent poverty is once again a high profile issue thanks to the commitment to end extreme poverty and leave no one behind in the formulation of the Sustainable Development Goals.