Improving local governance and service delivery : Shouting at the system won’t make it work!

CPAN, in partnership with Mzumbe University, INTRAC and the Foundation for Civil Society, is holding the event Improving local governance and service delivery 'Shouting at the system won’t make it work!' on the 22nd June from 10.00am-11.30am at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in London.

It is often assumed that civil society advocacy, citizen activism and social accountability mechanisms are necessary for holding local government to account, and for driving improvements in public service delivery. But to what extent is this the case?  Recent evidence suggests that many such initiatives are donor-driven, insufficiently strategic and inappropriate in relation to how change happens in the local context.

This event explores the latest debates, evidence and practice on social accountability, civil society advocacy and local government service delivery.  It considers how current policy and assumptions could be revised to more effectively address critical blockages in public service delivery.


  • Dr Anna Mdee (University of Leeds/ODI Associate) & Patricia Tshomba (Independent Researcher)- Holding local government to account in Tanzania through a performance index- what did we learn?
  • Ananilea Nkya (former head of Tanzania Media Women’s Association in Tanzania (TAMWA) and PhD candidate University of Bradford)- Media and holding government to account for development
  • Dr Tim Kelsall –(ODI) Politics and Governance Team- on politics, power and service delivery
  • Helen Mealins- incoming Executive Director, INTRAC (formerly, Democratic Governance Facility, Uganda) – comparative perspective on civil society, social accountability programmes and local government collaboration in service delivery

Click here to download the agenda.


This is an ODI Public Event and will be open for attendance and through livestreaming. To register your attendance, please see below or click here. Should you have any question, please contact Ms. Sophie Bridonneau or Ms. Stefania Perna

Specific invitations will be sent to relevant individual and institutions in NGOs, Academia and Donors. 

The event is part of the project 'Holding local government to account: Can a performance index provide meaningful accountability?' funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Department for International Development (DFID). The project runs from 2014-17 and is led by Mzumbe University (Tanzania), in partnership with the Foundation for Civil Society (Tanzania), INTRAC (UK) and ODI (UK). The project explores the viability and value of creating a local governance performance index at the district level in Tanzania. 

Photo: Women fetching water at Kijiweni village wells  PANITA/ Save the Children Tanzania