The Poverty Eradication Preparedness Index (PEPPI) - Let's leave no one behind!

UN member-states will use the SDGs to frame their policies over the next 15 years. As with any international goal or target, though, there is budding awareness that achievement may occur at the aggregate level but certain groups may be excluded from progress.

To address this risk, CPAN is currently working on evaluating key policies to help eradicate poverty in a set of 31 countries with more than 5 million extremely poor people in 2011. The goal is to contribute to national and international discussions regarding priority actions and practical first steps to ensure that no one gets excluded from progress toward zero poverty. 

These policies have been drawn from the finding of the 2014-15 Chronic Poverty Report: The Road to Zero Extreme Poverty, which argued that three objectives have to be achieved to get to zero poverty: chronic poverty has to be tackled; impoverishment has to be stopped; and escapes from poverty need to be sustained.   

CPAN has identified 16 policy areas critical to the eradication of poverty and leaving no one behind. The sheer existence of policies varies considerably across countries. For example, our research indicates that education and gender equality policies tend to be well represented on paper, with education policies often seriously implemented and evaluated, while gender equality policies are often not. Disaster risk management, health and sexual health, in contrast, have varied levels of policy existence, and often weak implementation and evaluation of these policies. 

From this research, CPAN created the Poverty Eradication Policy Preparedness Index (PEPPI) and started scoring 26 countries (out of the 31) on
•    the existence of these policies in 2015,
•    their degree of implementation, and
•    the extent of evaluation.
The scoring involves in-country validation, currently still under development in some countries. 

 See below for a geographical visualization of the PEPPI. 


The PEPPI has been presented at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in New York in July 2017, in the framework of the event 'Leave No One Behind: Ensuring Inclusive SGD progresses' organised in collaboration with CIVICUS. 

Click here to see the recording of the event.  

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