Financial inclusion

The Chronic Poverty Report shows that financial services, in particular savings and insurance, can be an effective means of stopping people from slipping into poverty.  

CPAN’s work focuses on the use of formal and informal financial services by chronically poor people and how these build their ability to withstand shocks.  We are currently working on a new Policy Guide on this topic, with a focus on Tanzania and Ghana. This Guide is due to be published in early 2015.

This is a new stream of work for CPAN, and one that we would like to expand on. If you would like to know more about our current work in this area or discuss new project ideas with us, please contact us.

To read more about financial inclusion and chronic poverty, download the Financial Inclusion Policy Guide: Enhanced Resilience through Savings and Insurance via Linkages and Digital Technology

Download the accompanying Policy Brief: Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

You can browse our full library of policy guides and other publications in our Resources section.