Sustaining poverty escapes in Niger: Policy Implication Brief

The political, economic, social and environmental context for poverty reduction is challenging in Niger. In the short term, ending war, and getting public expenditure back into supporting development efforts are the priorities. The policy implications drawn in this brief are focused on the medium term, although in the short term programming by development partners and NGOs may be able to help prepare the ground for this medium term. Aid to Niger has increased, but given its poverty levels, it may still be under-aided. Given the war in the east, keeping basic services going may be a significant agenda for development partners in the short term.

Indeed, life is extremely risky and uncertain for poor and vulnerable people in Niger. The government and its development partners could attempt to reduce exposure to risk and strengthen poor people’s resilience.

Drawing from the accompanying national report in Niger, this brief highlights the policy recommendations to contribute to achieve sustained escapes out of poverty in Niger.

Author: Andrew Shepherd

Download the report here.